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        Clearance cooperation three one cargo clearance more convenie

        The picture is: enterprises are close inspection cooperation single window for business Li Baohua / photo
        Recently, a company in Xiamen to Jiangmen Kaiping customs under the customs import declaration a number of "high salt cocopeat", only ten minutes to complete the customs clearance formalities, smooth customs clearance.
        "Never think of it!" Where the declaration issued such a sigh, "the use of Customs seized cooperation" three "unified version of the system to declare, to avoid duplication of input data, reduces rehandles, equal to two of the previous process into a process, greatly improving the efficiency of customs clearance."
        Customs cooperation, three one is a declaration, an inspection, a release". In this mode, enterprises only need to input a declaration data, the system will be automatically sent to the customs and inspection and quarantine departments; such as the need for inspection, customs and inspection and quarantine departments respectively according to their respective duties on goods inspection; inspection, customs and inspection and quarantine departments to put information on the import and export goods from nuclear, automatic system nuclear goods.
        This year, Jiangmen customs continue to deepen cooperation with the inspection and quarantine departments, to expand the scope of the three one clearance operations, so that more companies benefit. The first half of this year, a total of 281 companies to install "Customs" version of the client within the jurisdiction of the Jiangmen customs, customs enterprises to use a unified version of "a declaration system" one entry declaration declaration of about 179 thousand and 400 of the votes, over the same period accounted for 99% of all customs declaration.
        Transferred from Jiangmen customs network www.huilan.com