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        Jiangmen Customs Commissioner Chen Dajin research to promote

        Recently, in China's foreign trade situation is grim background, Jiangmen customs conscientiously implement the provincial Party Secretary Hu Chunhua in last month's meeting of the Provincial Standing Committee proposed to ensure that exports this year to achieve positive growth requirements, combined with the foreign trade import and export characteristics and situation around the "reform, strong management, efficiency, and promote development" deeply enterprises to carry out research and development of targeted measures to actively promote the city to promote the steady growth of foreign trade, Guangdong efforts to create new advantages in opening up to contribute.
        In July 12th, Jiangmen Customs Commissioner Chen Dajin to Jiangmen suntak Circuit Technology Co., Ltd. and Han Yu electrical Limited by Share Ltd two high-tech enterprises, research to promote the steady growth of foreign trade. Chen Dajin said, Jiangmen customs will combine Jiangmen city foreign trade import and export situation and the needs of enterprises, strengthen the policy propaganda, customs supervision and customs statistics service monitoring and early warning work, fully support the enterprise into the excellent.
        Chen Dajin in-depth enterprise production workshop to understand the production process and product characteristics of enterprises, and the company responsible person to carry out a discussion, a detailed understanding of enterprise production and management, import and export situation and the problems encountered. To learn the suntak circuit by increasing the input of information management to improve the competitiveness of enterprises, and achieved positive results, Chen Da Jin said, the customs should actively adapt to the needs of modern production management of high-tech enterprises, to the use of big data, mobile applications and improve the level of information management, the enterprise must adhere to demand-oriented, problem oriented and result oriented, initiative to carry out the supervision of the customs service innovation, help enterprises to better develop the international market, such as the exploration of "truck airline" export mode, Hong Kong International Airport runway extension to Jiangmen, by air cargo enterprises to solve the problems of short handed urgent orders, through the list of nuclear release, summary declaration and tax summary etc. the import and export enterprises supervision mode to reduce the cost, through the docking customs and enterprise ERP system to improve the enterprise's internal trade Material management level, to adapt to the needs of small batch of high-end PCB manufacturing, etc..
        It is reported that the first half of this year suntak circuit and Han Yu import and export more than 200 million yuan, compared with the same period last year growth of 50% and 10% respectively.
        Chen Dajin of the two companies in the grim situation of foreign trade import and export business can achieve contrarian growth affirmed that the two companies give full play to its own advantages, and achieved positive results in the development of domestic and foreign markets, but also for the promotion of foreign trade has made important contribution to the steady growth. Chen Dajin said, Jiangmen customs will adhere to the "service, put the tube simultaneously, in continuing to ensure the efficiency of customs clearance at the optimum level at the same time, the establishment and the focus of foreign trade import and export enterprises to contact the service mechanism, timely grasp of the business and meet the import and export aspects of the problem, do the task tracking, focus on supervision, to solve. Through efficient customs supervision and services, create a more international, the rule of law, facilitation of business environment for enterprises in Jiangmen.
        Previously, Chen Dajin has been to Guangdong Zhongche railway vehicles Co. Ltd., Vinda paper (China) Co. Ltd., Jiangmen Dachang Sims food processing and storage Co. Ltd., Heshan yatushi Printing Co., Ltd. (China) Franke Kitchen System Co. Ltd. and Enping Jinxing textile printing and Dyeing Enterprise Co., Ltd. and other enterprises, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Heshan and Xinhui Jiangmen vehicle inspection and Jiangmen customs port center for research, understand the production and operation of enterprises and the import and export situation.
        Chen Dajin said that the current China's foreign trade is facing greater pressure, the State Council and the General Administration of Customs has issued a series of policies and measures, go all out to promote the import and export customs supervision and management to stabilize, as in the first line of the entry and exit port authority, will fully support the local governments and enterprises to promote the steady growth of foreign trade.