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    Enterprise development process
    In 2000, Our leaders of company took over JIANGMEN LIGHT INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS IMP.&EXP. CORPORATION OF GUANGDONG CHINA while the company was facing a major test of business on JUL , 2000.
    In 2001, JLIP GROUP CO., LTD was established by the transformation of the state-owned enterprises into private enterprises. Running through the difficulty and our unremitting efforts, the company’s volume of export was more than 15 million dollars.
    In 2003, The total export volume of the company was about 100 million dollars. Our company entered national private enterprises import and export top 100 and got the 16 place. We broke the record of export volume in JIANGMEN that year and wrote a new chapter for development.
    In 2004, JLIP GROUP CO., LTD. developed smoothly and quickly. Our company ranked 11th in national private enterprises import and export top 100. We set up JLIP GROUP CO..LTD. OUTDOOR FURNITURE MANUFACTURER in the same year.
    In 2005, JLIP GROUP CO., LTD’s total volume of import and export has over 200 million dollars. GUANGDONG JLIP HOLDINGS LIMITED was set up in this year, and its volume of export was about 50 million dollars.
    In 2007, JIANGMEN FAST CUSTOMS CLEARANCE BROKER was operated, We formed a complete set of logistics and carried out linkage marketing advantage with customs broker.
    In 2009, The KAIPING city office was established, integrating customs broker to build the linkage advantage, 

    In 2010, our company combined JIANGMEN FAST CUSTOMS CLEARANCE BROKER with PORT CUSTOMS CLEARANCE BROKER, and named JIANGMEN PORT CUSTOMS CLEARANCE BROKER CO. LTD. Total volume of import and export of our company was over 300 million dollars in the same year,
    In 2011, JLIP GROUP CO., LTD awarded the title of China’s foreign trade private enterprises top 500.